Group dental insurance plans for your business

Find a group dental plan that offers more choice, savings and support for you and your employees

If you’re looking for group dental insurance for your business, you’ll find UnitedHealthcare has a variety of plans to fit your needs, whether your business is small or large. You can get started here by reviewing our wide range of dental insurance options to find a plan that offers the right level of choice, coverage and savings to match both your business goals and your employee needs. 

Looking for group dental insurance for a small or large business?

Our group dental insurance plans are available for companies of nearly any size. Plans are available with these eligibility and funding options:

  • Fully insured groups of 2 to 2,999
  • Self-funded groups of 3,000+
  • Voluntary or non-contributory basis
  • Dual option1

What's covered by UnitedHealthcare group dental insurance plans?

While each plan offers different levels of coverage, all group dental insurance plans offered by UnitedHealthcare include these benefits:

  • 100% coverage for preventive care in network2
  • More network dentists so you can choose from over 100,000 local and national providers3
  • Options to upgrade preventive care coverage by adding employee rewards programs
  • On-the-go ease with the UnitedHealthcare® app, so your employees can easily manage their dental benefits anytime, anywhere

What do group dental insurance plans cost? 

All of our group dental insurance plans offer flexible payment options. You can choose to pay all, some or none of your employees’ premium with comprehensive or limited group dental plans. You can get quotes for different plan types to decide which dental plan will work best for your business. 

Explore our group dental insurance plans to find the right fit for your business

Bundling dental plans with health plans may save time and money

With some plans, you can bundle your group dental insurance plan with your health plan. It may help you save on your health plan costs. And it can be simpler and more efficient too — with one account team, one bill, plus streamlined claims and benefits administration.


  1. Dual option is available to groups with at least 10 or more enrolled members; plan differential should have at least 20% variance; each plan should target a minimum participation level of 20% or more subscribers.
  2. With PPO design, coverage for preventive care can be received out of network.
  3. Network numbers as of May 2017.
  4. Orthodontia coverage is available for companies who have 10 or more employees with a minimum of eight enrolled members.
  5. Discounts for non-preventive services is not insurance. Services are paid directly by member.


"Plan" may refer to insurance and/or HMO benefit plans.