Medical insurance for your business

Plan and network design benefit solutions

Be confident that you have the right solution benefits for your organization with UnitedHealthcare’s proven benefits strategy.

UnitedHealthcare combines tailored networks with innovative plan designs to meet your employees’ needs and your cost objectives.

Reasons to believe

What could you save with our plan and network design strategies?1

1 to 6%

with UnitedHealth Premium care physicians

Designated physicians who have met quality and cost-efficiency criteria

1 to 2%

based on place of service

Lower-cost, freestanding facilities for certain services

22 to 40%

through Centers of Excellence

High-performing facilities and surgeons

2 to 3%

via primary care navigation

PCP to navigate referrals and care needs


  1. Customer-level potential savings will be a function of plan design, geographic mix, service mix, the proportion of total spend currently associated with non-Tier 1 providers and the extent to which that current spend is redirected to Tier 1 providers. Savings estimates relate to UnitedHealthcare’s book-of-business results. All figures and estimated savings represent historical performance and are not a guarantee of future savings. Meaningful benefit design differentials needed to achieve the upper bound of savings. Quality and cost efficiency based on national standards and local benchmarks.